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29/07/24 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Starting with ideas for effective time and task management, we’ll be discussing how to avoid reaching those dreaded feelings of burnout. How can you ensure you are working smarter not harder and that there’s “return of investment” on the time you spend pushing your musical projects forward.

We will be exploring ways for you to use your energy and time more efficiently to minimise becoming overwhelmed and to use your time effectively. How long should you spend on tasks that come with creating new work, building audiences and promoting your music? How should you go about prioritising your to-do list to make sure you’re getting crucial tasks done that will help you achieve your goals? How can you use your goals to keep you on track and stop wandering from task to task? We’ll tackle all these questions and more.

We’ll also be covering Digital Burnout:

Being online can have a negative affect on our general well-being for a number of reasons, such as staring at screens, doom-scrolling social media, constantly battling unpredictable algorithms for reach or feeling the pressure and competition of building your online profile.

Digital burnout is described as a state of mental exhaustion brought about by excessive usage of digital devices. It can also manifest in feelings of anxiety and apathy, with physical symptoms of headaches and fatigue.

Can digital burnout be avoided? We think so.

This session we will also be discussing different ways of keeping those feelings of digital burnout at bay. Things that you can be mindful of when planning your promotion strategies for release and other activities. Changes that can be implemented in our daily routines to limit that screen-time and still feel like you are doing enough to achieve your goals.


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