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16/11/22 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

We are joined by Tom Travis for this look at how we can build a world around our music. Tom works with a particularly creative bunch at Rough Trade Records, overseeing album campaigns for acts such as Black Midi and Caroline. Acts that are signed to labels such as Rough Trade, who ensure their artists have creative control of their releases, are encouraged to be adventurous in how they promote themselves. Social media feeds of self-promotion are boring and tedious for all involved. Often these acts have grand ideas that Tom has to interpret and realise within a budget. This involves working closely with them to shape those ideas into something that can actually be delivered.

In this session, not only are we looking to Tom for inspiration on how to approach this creative way of thinking, but also to gain insight into the brains of the artists he works with. Building a career with your music means that you constantly have to reach for a larger audience, how do bands and labels come up with ideas that will not only keep their existing audience entertained, but also captivate a new audience who are discovering their music for the first time. It’s all about letting fans into our worlds, bit by bit. How can we do this utilising our own personalities, skills and capabilities.

Looking at our releases as a product, or package means that we should be exploring all of the elements that accompany the actual track(s). Artwork, photos, social media strategy, partnerships and, very importantly, persona. We need to nail all of those things to make sure we have something cohesive and well-rounded that will make people fall in love with your project.

This session will take place at Future Yard, unless we haven’t finished our next phase of building work. If that happens it’ll take place at one of our mate’s places (MAKE or Bloom) which is within a ten minute walk from Future Yard. We’ll update nearer the time.


@ Future Yard (unless told otherwise nearer the time)

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