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6/10/22 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

No two artist managers are the same. They are products of all the different experiences they have gained in different areas of the industry. Some managers start managing with little or no experience, because they have built a relationship with a band and they have discovered they have no choice but to work with them. Others have managed for years and years having not dipped into other areas and others side-step from different areas of the industry, which means they have particular expertise. For this online edition of Direct Input, we speak to Simon Rix, Leeds-based manager of Treeboy Arc, Youth Sector, waxworks and Gemini Aaliyah. Simon is bassist and founding-member of Kaiser Chiefs, a band he’s been in for nearly 20 years.

Kaiser Chiefs have experienced many successes and accolades including two number one albums and a number one single, three Brit Awards and an Ivor Novello Award. They have released eight studio albums independently, through major labels and also taking through label services (this is when you get all the services that a label provide, without actually being traditionally signed to one). Add to that countless international tours and festival slots along with a primetime TV starring singer, it’s safe to say that Simon has a lot of experience. Add on to this some side endeavours such as setting up a DIY record label and mentoring on Yorkshire artist development programme, Launchpad – it seems very much that management would be the natural route. So how does his career to date inform his management style?

This chat will pull apart the role of a manager and gather insight from Simon on those things he wished he had known when he was an emerging artist. We’ll get some tips from him on things to not only consider when you start chatting to and working with management, but also things that are key to think about as emerging artists. We’d also like to know if there is anything the artists that he works with are teaching him?



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