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30/03/23 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

For this online edition of Direct Input we are joined by Sam Ford, Co-founder of So Young. There’s so much to chat about here as So Young has been with us for nearly a decade now and takes many forms supporting exciting emerging talent including their print magazine, website, record label and live promotions. Sam works across all So Young platforms directly, with key roles being Print Editor, Label A&R + Project Manager and Live Booker.

So Young, founded in 2013, is a creative platform fuelled by the vibrant and underreported creative scenes within alternative music and the visual arts.

With a community spirit, So Young aims to bridge the gap between some of the newest talents within illustration and the thriving underground guitar music scene. At its core, So Young is a printed publication and somewhere to discover your new favourite bands. Striving to do more and shine a brighter light on those the mainstream has failed, So Young now interlinks a record label, live shows and provides a creative platform to champion music and art from the underground up.