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15/12/22 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

There are many different ways we can promote our releases, through our local networks and the social media platforms we use, but how can we add to this to ensure we are reaching new audiences and building up more awareness of our projects in the wider industry?

When we’re putting music out in to the world we need to think about release strategy, which can be a daunting prospect. Where do we start? The best way to approach this is by thinking of release strategy as the difference between just sticking tracks out and hoping for the best, and considering how we are going to reach beyond our friendship groups and immediate fanbase.

We all have a certain amount of hours in the day and other commitments to juggle, so working out how to use our time efficiently is vital. We need to be looking at activities that will promote ourselves effectively.

One of the areas that we should be considering is press and radio. Certainly we want to push out of our local scene and attract audiences in different cities, or even get the attention of labels and promoters.

For this online session, we will be speaking to Erin Brown who works across press and radio promotion at Someone Great PR. We will be looking at opportunities in this area that you as independent artists are likely to achieve success, along with best practice on how to promote yourselves to music writers and radio producers.  We will also be looking at how to judge the right time to invest in a service that can help you lift your successes into the more hard to reach areas of press and radio. It’s important when you are spending money on that assistance that you are supporting it with further activity that will help the professionals you are hiring have lots to work with which may help them be successful in their work and help you reach more people who will support your music and attract further professionals that you can work with to continue to build a career from your music.

What does a successful campaign look like? How much life does a single have? How do we follow it up? How do we build on successes and ensure we are reaching more people as we progress through releases? – we’ll be discussing this alongside answering your questions, too.

About Erin:

Erin is a Coventry based music publicist and radio plugger at Someone Great PR as well as working within the live music events industry promoting shows, booking artists, producing festivals and managing artist liaison teams for events such as Deliaphonic Festival, Green Man Festival, Godiva and more. She has also worked in house for international label Tin Angel Records, and its imprints Unheard of Hope and Meat Machine, touring with a variety of artists as well as managing a PR and marketing campaigns over the past five years.



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