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8/09/22 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

There are many things that we can overlook when we are planning our releases, simple things that once we get into a habit of doing will ensure that your music is picking up revenue in all of the different places that it should be. Royalties collection agencies such as PRS and PPL are sitting on actual millions of pounds in unclaimed revenue which eventually gets distributed to companies (often major record labels) that did not earn it. This session will not only ensure that you are doing everything you are supposed to, but also that you are crediting collaborators properly and generally just getting into a best practice of logging information that is attached to your music in the form of metadata. If you are signed to a label, when you hand over your mastered releases they ask for what they call ‘label copy’ which ensures they have all the information they need to release your music properly. When self-releasing, we find that the information distributors ask for is quite limited so we often don’t gather this information and register it, so contributions from others go uncredited and unrewarded.

This session with Grace will look at best practice in this area and getting into good habits. We often don’t appreciate why we need to do these things and how it all works, so we will be looking at this to ensure we all know what we’re doing. There’s also an opportunity to look at different situations relating to your own music and discuss the intricacies we often take for granted. This session will form an introduction before we delve deeper into the world of royalties and revenue.

BLOOM BUILDING AND COFFEE – Bloom Building, 3 Abby Close, Birkenhead, CH4 15FQ


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