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25/03/24 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

‘Harmonizer’ is an online tool that is currently being developed by The Open Door Charity and Future Yard, which will provide mental health support tailored specifically for musicians and those working in and around music.

We are now at the exciting stage in the creation of this tool, that requires the input of our community of musicians, producers, bands and artists, those working in the music industry, live music industry and avid gig goers.

This session will be the second opportunity to help shape this exciting project with us.

We’ve been circulating a mental health questionnaire for a while to gather up information on the key things that can negatively effect our mental health. These include low income streams, digital burnout, gender and identity, juggling jobs and responsibilities, lack of budget, competition and many other major issues. Our new Harmonizer platform gives us an opportunity to support those facing these concerns and more. If you’ve not filled in our questionnaire, please do here.

Details will be added here as to what to expect from this meet up after we’ve completed the initial development session in February. We will also open registration up at that point, too.