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3/03/24 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

There are loads of things we overlook when we consider what makes us healthy. We’ve grabbed some of the most important ones together that performers should be keeping tabs on for a whole afternoon of wholesome goodness. What Sundays are made for, right?

We’ll be looking at vocal health, the importance of warming up and how to look after your voice when you’re using it loads. We’ll also discuss the importance of looking after your hearing, the help that’s available for you to do so and basically what will happen if you don’t. We’ll also be exploring the feelings of performance anxiety and how we can deal with this in a way that has a positive impact on our mental health and our live performances. Finally we’ll be talking stage craft and how we can develop the skills of engaging with the audience and not making ourselves cringe.

What a day! This’ll be fun, this one. Gona keep this to a reasonably small group so that it’s super useful and easy to get through. Get signed up so you don’t miss out.

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