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5/10/22 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Very limited capacity for this one, as its held in Yellowbird Studio in Neston, the home of San Lorenz (formerly known as SPQR). Pete and Connor from the band built the studio and have hosted many local bands and artists, alongside recording their own material there. In many cases the local acts that they have worked with have never done a studio session before, so they are incredibly well-equipped in making people feel right at home at Yellowbird.

For this evening session, we will be looking at all of the things that will help you come to a studio session ready to make the absolute best of your time there. We will be going through what to expect from studio sessions and how it all works. What preparation can an artist do in advance, what needs to be conveyed to the producer/engineer. Many fundamental skills are at play with studio work, as time is limited (and often funds, too), so there is a stress on the importance of practice, demoing and demo sharing, song arrangement, time management and communication.

This session will give you an opportunity to ask lots of questions, get comfortable with studio vocabulary and equipment and also to hang out with two of the nicest and most talented people in our local music scene. This one is great for those yet to step into a recording studio, or those that have many done a few sessions and not felt that they reached their potential or didn’t get what they needed out of them.

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