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Preparing for your Help Musicians ‘Record & Release’ funding application (£3k)

3/12/22 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Please note, this session is fully booked. Next opportunity is on 18th February – book here


These 121 sessions take place over 90 minutes @ Future Yard will go through your plans and shape them into fundable activity with a budget and timeline, followed by a look at the application for and guidance on how to tackle it.

Help Musicians’ ‘Record & Release’ fund provides artists/bands with upto £3k which can be spent on the following:
– Time to create (writing, composition, rehearsing)
– Session musician fees
– Recording (studio hire, engineering, mixing, mastering)
– Content creation (video, audio, promotional photography, artwork, design, etc)
– Manufacture and distribution
– Merchandise (design and production)
– PR and marketing
– Musical equipment or software/hardware to produce (no more than 50% of your budget can be used to cover this, doesn’t include musical instruments or laptops)

This support is for professional UK musicians of all genres and disciplines, with a focus on independent music creators who are controlling one or more aspects of their career (managing themselves, self-releasing and/or self-producing). You can be a solo artist, composer, group member, songwriter, producer or a multidisciplinary artist. If you are applying as a band, you must have been playing together for over a year.

This session will go through your planned activity and help shape it into a fundable campaign with realistic measurable outcomes necessary for funding applications. We will go through your biography and other information needed to fill out the application to make it stand out and ensure you’re including relevant information before tackling the budget (looking at how to research costs) and timeline the activity.

Before you attend your session:
– Prepare a plan (outline what you want to get funding for) and what you hope to achieve with it (this can be rough or fully formed)
– Please bring a breakdown of any money you have brought in from merch, live, royalties, wages etc. that you will also be using to support your activity
– Update your biog (no more than 500 words)
– Put together a list of highlights/achievements so far
(if you need some guidance on pulling any of this together shoot cath an email on, but don’t overthink it – we can go through it in the session)


11.00am - 12.30pm

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