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9/10/22 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

The first edition of PROPELLER’s Songwriting Camp with Natalie McCool!

Songwriting camps are used widely in the music industry by music publishers and songwriting organisations. The art of collaboration provides us with rich material by combining different voices, experiences, skills, styles and inspirations. We have created a workshop which includes the key elements of a songwriting camp in a supported environment to introduce PROPELLER members to the world of writing camps.

Limited spaces are available, please RSVP to reserve your place. If for whatever reason you can no longer attend, please email so your place can be made available to others.

We recommend this workshop to songwriters and artists at all levels who want to strengthen their skills and dip their toe into the world of co-writing and writing camps.


How it works:

10am – the group meets in the yellow room at Future Yard for an introductory session. We’ll be kicking things off by discussing the merits and uses of songwriting camps.  We will then go through some sources of inspiration and ideas before dividing up into groups of four.

11am – Each group of four will be allocated a rehearsal studio to spend the day in to create a song. Support will be provided by Natalie and the Propeller team throughout the session.

1pm – break for lunch

2pm – after lunch, the group comes together to share what they’ve worked on so far and to get feedback and pointers before heading back and continuing to develop their song.

3pm – songwriting continues in groups of four.

5pm – The songwriting session ends and the group shares what they’ve come up with and further feedback and comments are shared.

6pm – group moves to yellow room to reflect on experience and discuss further steps.

7pm – Finish.


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