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Every Sunday evening our live room is taken over by artists and bands readying themselves to take the gig circuit by storm.

FUTURE SHOWCASE is a free entry event much like our weekly Open Mic night, created to provide you with the opportunity to run through your live set in a low-pressure and supportive environment. If you feel you are getting to the point where you are ready to start hitting up promoters to jump on suitable shows, our Future Showcase could be the perfect opportunity for you to gain some confidence and experience before there are expectations on you to bring an audience and be at the top of your live game.


Not only will you receive some feedback and advice after the event has taken place from our team, but the Future Yard booking team will be looking to see if there is a pathway for you to then go into supporting touring artists, playing flagship events like Future Now and working up to your own headline show when the time is right.

These showcase events are here to help you with your live development, alleviating the pressures (and often anxieties) of paid shows with an expectation of being part of wider strategy, constant promotion and the ability to bring your own audience before you feel ready. They are the stepping stone from your rehearsal room to a gig.

All performing bands and artists will receive a standard rider of soft drinks and some alcohol for those who fancy it. You will also receive rehearsal credits worth £40 added to your Propeller account so you continue to become the best versions of yourselves. Full backline (including guitar amps) will be provided for your performance so you’re not lugging all your stuff here, you can just plug in and play.

If you’d like to book a slot, please email Luke on for availability. Everyone gets a show.

Come join us on a Sunday evening and show your support to our growing community of boss musicians!