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DEADLINE: 31/12/24

Press On vinyl is a new vinyl pressing plant in Middlesbrough owned by Futuresound Group, which is one of the UK’s leading independent music companies (based in Leeds). They have now launched a new service called Fairsound, which has been created to enable music creators and labels to press vinyl with no up front costs.

how does it work?

You put your record up for pre-order pushing your fans to buy your album. After upto 1 month you can choose how many records you would like to press, paid from the money you have made from those early pre-orders. You can also add to the quantity with additional funds if you’d like to press more. After this, your vinyl will be manufactured and will then be delivered directly to your fans upon release. Fairsound advise that the whole process will take around 12-14 weeks, which means that you can knit this very tidily into your release campaign.

Their minimum order is 100 units, and Fairsound advise that if you were to pre-sell 70 in that first month, then it would cover that minimum pressing of a standard vinyl product in a printed sleeve. Please consider that if you don’t reach that minimum, you can pay the difference to ensure your album goes into production.

Here is an idea of profits, based on selling your LP for £20:

If you’d like more information, head to the Fairsound website here.

If you’d like to discuss how you would work a vinyl campaign into your upcoming album campaign, or you’d like to consider this for the future, book a mentor session with the Propeller team. We’d also recommend if you are interested in setting up a campaign with Fairsound, to do it with the guidance of the Propeller team.