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Northern Line Programme – Jazz North

DEADLINE: 18/12/23

Now in its 10th year (Round 9), Northern Line is Jazz North’s live touring support programme for Northern artists.

Northern line champions the most pioneering, bold and innovative artists across the scene. It’s a roster of the best new talent, recognised by promoters, festivals, funders and management.

The 18-month programme supports northern artists to reach the next stage of their live performance career and meet their ambitions through targeted 1:1 support and network development.

5 bands from jazz and jazz-related genres are selected each year through an open application and rigorous selection process using a panel of independent industry experts from across the UK.



Northern Line: The Offer

Touring Bursaries

Northern Line invests in your live career to get you performing in new places and building audiences.

You can apply for a touring bursary of up to £3,000 to support travel, accommodation, rehearsals, equipment and other relevant costs in addition to subsidising fees offered by promoters.

We’ll work with you on a strategy for targeting promoters, festivals and venues.

Showcase at Manchester Jazz Festival

As part of Northern Line, all selected artists are guaranteed a free showcase at Manchester Jazz Festival on Sunday 19 May 2024. You will be paid a non-negotiable MU-minimum rate per performer for this 45 minute performance. Solo performers will be paid at a higher rate.

Jazz North will invite key promoters to this event, and it is a great opportunity for your music to be enjoyed by audiences and promoters in a typical gigging environment. We would like you to be able to commit to this date from the point of applying to Northern Line, but if you already have commitments on this day, please let us know in your application.

Career Development Plan

We’ll work 1:1 to pull together a career development plan that is unique to you. We’ll look at your career as a holistic whole – defining goals, ways to measure them and steps to get there.

You can access the full extent of Jazz North’s contacts and expertise to help you make that vital next step.

Industry Networking and Upskilling

Your music is a business. Over your time on Northern Line, Jazz North will support you in meeting and managing press, promoters, digital distributors, publishers and agents.

You’ll attend workshops with key industry specialists, whether it’s publishing, financial planning, project planning or tour management – we’ll get those people in the room to help you upskill in the areas you need.

Marketing and Assets

Marketing and assets have never been more important.

We will help you to develop all of your assets (images, copy, video etc…) and support you to develop easy tools to manage your press and marketing.


You’ll have monthly meetings with our Programme Manager, alongside other members of the Jazz North team. Northern Line will provide 1:1 support and guidance to ensure you meet your goals.

You get what you put in

The most successful artists are those who are open to all the opportunities offered through the scheme and who engage with the full Jazz North offer.