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DEADLINE: 31/12/24

Again is about rethinking how we consume things. Even in the world of underground and emerging music, immediate structural changes are needed to ease the pressure our consumption is causing fellow humans and the environment.

Again is developing a zero waste merch network for artists to access used clothing and get their designs printed onto them.

This not only makes merch fully sustainable but also brings down the cost of merch for artists, making it more accessible for smaller artists to utilise merch as an integral part of making touring and gigs viable.

If you would like to work with The Again Network at an upcoming gig, please email James Gillaspy on You will need to create a simple design, ensure there is space for James to set up his screen-printer at the venue and advertise it to your fan-base in advance of your gig.

Make sure you’re following @theagainnetwork on Instagram for updates.