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19/08/24 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Having a strong biography that can be adapted for lots of different uses and that can be edited and grow as you progress your projects is super helpful and can have a surprising impact with attracting key supporters.

Keeping things brief with a paragraph or two is a great way to start, so you can build and develop it as your story and your accolades grow, but what should you put in it? We’ll look at what’s important and what isn’t, how to create a core biog that is very multi-use and how we can change it to fit different audiences (industry vs. fanbase), how to avoid clichéd language and ensure that the words you use represent your project.

All this and whatever else you need help with when tackling this task which practically no one wants to do. Let’s be honest, it’s just really difficult to write about yourself, particularly your music when you’re so close to it. Hopefully this workshop will help you get over that hurdle as painlessly as possible.

We’ve ran this workshop previously and everyone that has taken part has left with a really decent biog, so it’s good to know that it really works. We’ve programmed this in particularly with our Future Now festival approaching. Given that there will be a bunch of bands booked to play from our Propeller programme, we want to make sure we’ve given you the opportunity to provide us with a strong biog to help us to promote you.

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