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21/08/23 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sometimes, we’re just having a little chat after work at the bar and a topic for a session just hits you square in the face. This is very much where this one has come from. You might hear stories of artists and bands who have seemingly worked with the wrong person and its resulted in a single release having little effect, an album not coming out sounding the way it was imagined, a tour unfolding into disaster or even a career being held back and potential not being reached. That all sounds super negative, doesn’t it. Let’s get back to that irritatingly positive mindset that hopefully you’re more than used to.

We’ve built this very session to help you not get into bad situations and to seek out those that are doing all this for good reasons, those knowledgeable and supportive professionals who can help you on your journey.

We’ll be looking at how to identify those red flags before they’re hitting you in the face and what questions to ask when people are promising you things that seem to good to be true. We’ll also be pointing out some key qualities and attributes that you should be looking for in anyone that stands to make money from your art. We’ll also be talking about what to do if someone whacks a contract under your nose and pressurises you to sign on the dotted line.

Whether it’s management, labels, booking agents, promoters, publishers, press and radio pluggers, playlist pitchers (don’t get us started on playlist pitchers) or even just someone who has told you that you’ve won a competition. We’re going to go through some key information that you need to make good decisions.

Believe us when we say that it’s more often than not better to stay on your lonesome than work with the wrong people. This session is designed to build your confidence, help you hold your nerve and make good decisions.

Again, this isn’t all doom and gloom, not everyone is out to get you. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t right, the trust just doesn’t build, you don’t gel. No one has to fall out, it just isn’t working. We’ll be addressing stuff like this, too.

It could be none of the above and you’re looking at the different positive attributes of labels, managers, etc. How do you decide between two perfectly ace people. Imagine!

As always, we hope this results in a grand old chat and we can share lots of helpful information with each other.


We actually should have just called this session how to avoid confrontation, shouldn’t we. The word “confrontation” is only slightly more anxiety inducing than the word “networking”.



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