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20/05/24 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

How do you build a world around your music, so that your growing audience will get lost in it, stay there for a long time and encourage everyone else to join them, too.

Finding inspiration for artwork, photography and other promotional content that fits with your music and your vision can feel daunting, but there are certainly measures you can take to help you realise your vision and ensure that what you use to accompany your music is strong and cohesive, important tools to help carry themes of your music further and reflect who you are and how that manifests in your project.

In this session, we’ll be exploring the importance of creating that cohesive compliment of assets that really does feel like they inhabit the same space as your music. We will look at how key this is for marketing and audience development and look at how we can use this world to help reach new listeners when we’re working with little or no budget.

We will also touch on how we can present this as part of a strategy in funding applications, too.

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