Building Access Code




8/07/24 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

In this workshop, taking place in the workshop space at Future Yard, we will be going through how we pull together the main components of a tech spec accurately and how this information will be used by production teams that we are yet to meet. We will also be looking at how we can further benefit from putting this document together by providing some extra detail.

This session is ideal for anyone that is either yet to pull their tech spec together, has been sat on one for a while and thinks it’s time for a refresh or as a bit of an audit for those that are fairly confident that they’re giving all the required information. Basically, anyone.

We’ll go through the channel list and stage plot that make up a tech spec and all the other information that is useful to share before you rock up at load in. We will also discuss what we can expect venues to provide and what we need to bring ourselves when playing locally, nationally and internationally.

We’ve programmed this in particularly with our Future Now festival approaching. Given that there will be a bunch of bands booked to play from our Propeller programme, we want to make sure we’ve given you the opportunity to provide a useful tech spec to help make your performance the best it can be and that your experience on the day is great.

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