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How To Organise a Short Support Tour

25/09/23 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Support tours are hard to come by. They can often seem political, who gets these slots. Managers will make recommendations, booking agents will compile a list of options, promoters will also want to have a say, but a lot of the time it’s down to the headline act to determine who is going to join them on their jaunt around the country. By making connections with bands and artists you like, this could be you that gets offered that tour. Often supports can be added to a tour quite late and there’s a lot to organise and get your head around before you even set off and do the dates. This session is all about planning how do put together a short tour as the main support.

We’ll be going through how to deal with booking agents and management of established bands, what information you need to put together for the advancing process, different payment models of support tours and how/when to invoice. How to travel cheaply, some hot tips on booking cheap accommodation, looking after yourself on tour and also what merch to get.

This is basically a mini-tour management best practice session. It’s nice to be able to rock up to a support tour feeling like you’re not a beginner, feeling that you know how things work, this session will help you do this.


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