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4/07/24 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

This 90 minute session focusses on the importance of  appreciating the personal values that we hold and how they should then inform and support the choices we make with our career plans and how we take our projects forward.

Often it takes some reflection for us to appreciate what values we hold and that these should underpin how we live our lives, we can seek out those that share similar values and lift each other and support each other. We can also identify those that may not represent the views that hold importance to us.

This workshop is an opportunity for self-reflection, before it then leads into a more open discussion around the choices that we have to make as music creators and professionals and how these can link back to the values that we identified.

Grace Goodwin will be providing a prompt for us to gather our thoughts before guiding the conversation so we can fully appreciate how our values can shape how we navigate the music industry.



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