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9/09/24 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This session focusses on how to look at your proposed activity and turn it into a funding application with a plan, clear goals and budget.

This session is designed to follow on from Part 1. Hopefully you will now have a period of planned activity, so that we can focus on turning that into a successful and competitive funding application.

We will look at how we can share details of our plans in a succinct way that adheres to strict word-counts. What information is needed, how we can make it make as much sense as possible to someone that doesn’t know us, what can be taken out or condensed. We will look at ensuring that our plans will have the desired impact and that our targets/goals are measurable, clear and strike the right balance between ambitious and reasonable.

We will also be looking at budgets in more detail.

In this session we will look at specific deadlines and what periods are fundable with these deadlines to ensure timelines fit within them. We will also cover some best practice do’s and don’ts that can effectively hinder your application and often stops people getting past the first hurdle of assessing.

We will also look at the assessing process in more detail so you have a deeper level of understanding of what will happen to your application and how you can best present yourself to stand out during this process.

We hope that this session not only acts as a myth-buster into the process of funding assessing, but also help you put yourself across in the best way possible with restrictive word-counts.

Funding is ridiculously competitive, so if you fail the first time, keep trying. We are here to support you!

There are limited spaces on this session so that everyone can make the most of it. In order to take part in this session you will need to have some planned activity that has a few months lead in at least. Funding is for those thinking long-term.


This session takes place in our Workshop Space at Future Yard, which is currently only accessible by two flights of stairs. If you have any access issues, please let now in advance.

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